Take the Huff Harrington tour

Take the Huff Harrington tour

Do you remember the first time someone (probably a teenager) showed you Google Earth?  How fun was that! The idea that you could see it from above and then zoom in at street level was utterly mind boggling!  Did you spend hours looking at your house from above, taking in the neighbors’ yards, and possibly stalking some real estate listings?  I know some of us did!  And so that may explain part of our great excitement and pleasure in introducing you to our very own Huff’ington Google Earth:  Welcome to Huff Harrington (heaven on) Earth … just take the tour!


If you don’t have time to take the tour, here’s a sneak peak of what you’ll find, after you walk through the front door:

Welcome to Huff Harrington Home!

The first thing you’ll see is a living room vignette, backed by our cash wrap.

Look left, and you’ll get a sense of how light, airy and spacious it is — which is our favorite feature.

Walk by one of our lifestyle vignettes …

… Or another vignette, filled with our mix of one-of-a-kind French antiques mixed with contemporary art and modern furnishings.

Turn around and you’ll be in our wedding section, filled with our most popular gifts, like Skyros every day china …

Or monogrammed linens …

… and an exclusive favorite: Luxurious Paris Perfect 400 thread count, all-cotton sheets!

Look left for more gifts and accessories, including our collection of favorite books.

Zoom in further and you can even see the title of some of the books!

OK, it may not take you to this level of detail, but you’ll probably still get the idea of what it was like to have Emily Giffin do a book signing!

Ready for some personal shopping? Head in to our boutique, for clothing and accessories.

Zoom in to see our newest leather handbags, from Loxwood in Paris.

And we dare you not to reach out and touch some of the cozy blankets and lovies in our baby section!

<a href="https://blog.huffharrington.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/10-dining-area.jpg.jpg"></a>Keep walking and you will enter our dining room, with a table setting that changes weekly.

Then step in to the Tabletop section, an entertainer’s dream!

You can zoom in here to take it all in, from china, to barware, to table linens, and serving pieces.

You probably don’t want to leave without stopping by our jewelry section …

<a href="https://blog.huffharrington.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/11-c.jpg.jpg"></a>And you’ll just have to imagine our wonderful jewelry buyer, Allison, ready to help and advise you about every carefully curated piece!

All done? Bring your goodies to the front and we’ll be happy to wrap them up beautifully and ship them to you, wherever you are!

And if you’re just ever so slightly confused by your Huff Harrington Tour, we have a map to help you find what you’re looking for!


So for our families, our friends, our clients and vendors who aren’t in Atlanta, we hope you’ve enjoyed the tour.


Instead of googling Huff Harrington and getting this:

We now bring you this!

And this!


We’d still rather see you in person, but if you can’t make it to Atlanta this fall, we think the tour is the second best thing.  (Just don’t count your steps!)


Ta ta,



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