• Huff Harrington on the road

    Huff Harrington on the road

    Years ago, when we were thinking about going into business together, we read all kinds of alarming (but very informative) articles like "Ok, Partne...
  • Paris renovation

    Paris renovation

    “If you're in Paris," read the text from one of our favorite international clients, who happened to be scanning her Instagram, "Could you please lo...
  • Board meeting in Paris

    Board meeting in Paris

    This is what we sound like to others: “Did you get the thing from what’s his name?” “Yes, and I left it on your desk next to the folder about the ...
  • Painting in Provence

    Painting in Provence

    Sometimes we wish we could be a fly on the wall during Linda's artist trips to France.  We know that these trips play to many of Linda's strengths...
Meet Ann + Meg

What happens when two committed Francophiles, art lovers and design junkies get together over a bottle of red wine? A fine art gallery with a little je ne sais quoi is born, followed a few years later by its home furnishings and décor sibling.

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