Seen at the Paris Flea Market

Seen at the Paris Flea Market

Between opening our little bijou in Paris and escorting three groups of clients to Paris and Provence (to buy antiques, vintage, collectibles and art), it's been a crazy spring - and wonderful few months.

Our heads have been on non-stop swivels scouting not only for the clients but also for Huff Harrington in Atlanta and Paris.  The famous Puces in Paris is ground zero for the most inspired and wonderful buying and you can unearth just about anything you're looking for. We're always on the hunt for the unusual, the beautiful and even the slightly quirky.

Scenes from the Puces: 

This adorable little guy is (sadly) staying in Paris. 

We absolutely take time out to enjoy a fab meal or two.

That view never gets old.

Stay tuned for the next round of goodies - we're off to Provence this week to continue the hunt.


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