Secret Santa's peeps' picks

Secret Santa's peeps' picks

It’s our favorite day of the year … when Secret Santas visit the Huffingtons, with a fun and festive Christmas celebration.

The preparations are intense: For several weeks, Huffington elves scurry around the store in hushed tones, snooping for clues, fishing for ideas, disguising their handwriting, delegating their gift wrapping, and doing everything to stump their chosen recepient by shrouding their purchases in top secrecy. Huff Harrington Fine Art sets up a magnificent table and graciously opens its doors to our little family of Huffington elves. Before dining on delicious, home made food, we deliver the Secret Santa  gifts and play the guessing game, laughing our way through a fun and festive evening and  celebrating our real gifts of friendship, camaraderie and good health.

This time, with the backdrop of Andrea Costa's magnificent 80 x 90 painting, <a href="" target="_blank">"STILL WAITING"</a>, we proudly posed and showed off the loot that our Secret Santa's bestowed up us.

Darlene was more than a trifle pleased by her Secret Santa's  trifle bowl!

Her Secret Santa knew that Debbie was the only Peep who didn't have her very own Swell bottle!

Heather loved the way these olive wood kitchen spoons look, feel and smell!

Sammy has been begging us to get this gorgeous Vogue Living book in the store for months - and threatened to quit if we didn't!

After selling so many of them in the store, Rhys was dying for her very own Blessing Beads.

Alva loved this beautiful book by Beth Webb so much that she bought one the next day to give (shhh ... don't tell).

Babs' loves to bake and so this cake stand was a no-brainer for her Secret Santa!

Susie's been eyeing Erin Gray's jewelry eversince we started carrying it - and her secret Santa knew it.

For Allison, our reigning queen of jewelry, Secret Santa had an easy win with Alexis Bittar.

How appropriate to give newlywed Mackenzie, who loves to entertain, a set of gorgeous wine glasses!

Alex's Secret Santa went above and beyond, buying her a mug for her beloved tea ... and a book on teas!

The gift you can't buy for yourself but have always wanted defines the perfect gift ... which is exactly what Barb got with the beautifully packaged Sugar Body Scrub by Shelley Kyle.

Linda's Secret Sant got her a gorgeous snaky sparkly wrap bracelet from designer Erin Grey.

Marlon, a barbecue aficionado, lit right up when Secret Santa delivered this good looking Social Light lighter!

Ann and Meg, partners extraordinaire and never the slightest bit competitive, couldn't contain their excitement: "My book's better than your book!"

From our whole Huffington family, with gratitude and appreciation for the gifts of your support and friendship, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and happy, healthy holidays season -- and a visit or two from your very own Secret Santa!

Ta ta,


PS Thank you to Andrea Costa for providing the fabulous backdrop to our spontaneous photo shoot:

And our Secret Santas' are happy to share the  Huffington Peeps' Picks, right here!

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