Postcard from Paris

Postcard from Paris

Bonjour from Paris - where we've officially set up an exciting new venture.  Huff Harrington International is now a real-life dream come true - and Ann is happily leading the charge.  We had a fun little exchange a couple days ago and here it is:  

Meg:  Ann, tell people what we’re doing here in Paris. 

Ann:  Well, it would be lovely to say we're soaking up the views, enjoying the beautiful architecture and indulging in glasses of bubbles in chic little brasseries - but actually we're going about 100 miles an hour with a bevy of interior design projects in Paris and Florence!  

Meg: What kind of design projects are these? Fill us in. 

Ann: They’re mostly secondary homes for our American clients located in centuries’ old buildings in beautiful parts of town.  We get to handle all the space planning and creative interior design (which you know I adore!).  Plus we're doing the actual construction management and of course, the final install -- when upholstery is placed, mirrors and art are hung, chandeliers are lit and we get that aha moment as it all comes together as planned. 

We're sourcing pretty much everything locally, so it's lots and lots of visits to the flea market and antique fairs to scoop up art, lighting and Louis's galore.  (You can see our latest renovation right here.)

Meg: Sounds like a dream job!  Actually, it's so exciting checking in with you and hearing about all these projects. I think you've had some adventures along the way, haven't you? 

Ann: Oh, you mean when we have to go to the mayor's office to get a permit to have a crane positioned on a tiny little street to raise a table from street level to a fifth floor apartment because it won’t fit up the stairs - and certainly won’t fit in the elevator? Yep, there are plenty of funny little stories that we've had here!  

Meg: and everyone can follow the adventures on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays @huffharrington when the Paris team posts on Insta. I love seeing all the shots from these seriously glam locations. 

Ann: well, stay tuned because there's an exciting bit of news that I'll be ready to spill soon.  

Meg: my lips are sealed until we're ready for the big announcement - and in the meantime:  au revoir, y'all! 






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