Can't you just feel the sunshine and smell the lavender?  Provencal Facade, 36 x 36, by Laura Shubert.

Ooooh la la! It's Bastille Day!

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Pink Champagne by Laura Shubert. Let’s get this fete started!

What happens when you mix carefully curated walls of gorgeous French-inspired art, a nice cold glass of rose and “La Vie en Rose” playing in the background?  It’s Bastille Day at Huff Harrington Fine Art, of course!  We’ll be here on Saturday, July 14th, fete-ing our favorite holiday and we hope you’ll stop by from 6 to 8 p.m.

We’ve lost track of how many years this lively tradition has endured but one thing is for sure:  we all have a great time embracing l’espirit de France.  Our artists have harnessed their inner Frenchiness and painted some wonderful pieces that speak volumes about their inspiration.  And, we’ve been busy traipsing up and down France recently buying up crusty old vintage seascapes, landscapes and even some mid-century abstract expressionist paintings that we fell in love with.

From our Heritage collection: Mid-century painter Raymond DeBieve and his Femme Avec La Queue de Cheval.

This year, we’re delighted to welcome guest artist, Alice Williams, whose iconic and colorful paintings capture the joyful and beautiful essence of Provence.

Alice Williams’ Roussillon Charm, 29 x 36.


Bonnieux, 30 x 30, by Alice Williams.

In addition, the gallery will be hung with paintings that are inspired by all things French from artists like Pascal Bouterin, Sarah Robertson, Nancy Franke, Amy Dixon, Lesley Powell, Laura Shubert and many others.  Mixed in with this new work will be paintings from our own Huff Harrington Fine Art Heritage collection – paintings created decades ago by some unknown – but many well-known and very good – artists.

Here’s a little sneak peek to whet your appetite:

Amy Dixon’s Veuve Abstracted. We’ve always loved Amy’s abstracted renditions of our very favorite beverage.


Helen Farson’s sweet More Beautiful with Passing Time,12 x 24.


Nancy Franke’s luminous and luscious Les Belles Roses. 48 x 30.


Inspired by Monet’s waterlilies, this is Peace Within, 24 x 30, by Kelley Ogburn.


Can’t you just feel the sunshine? Provencal Facade, 36 x 36, by Laura Shubert.


Provence’s own Pascal Bouterin. Ete, 11.5 x 8.


Smell the Lavender by Lesley Powell. 8 x 16.

So, Saturday July 14th will be the evening to don your bleu, rouge et blanc, slip into your espadrilles and prop your beret at a jaunty angle.  We’ll be here, ready for a fine fete and an evening of art, wine and music, all wrapped up like a pretty French cadeau.

Ta ta – and happy Bastille Day!

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