Meet the neighbors

Meet the neighbors

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Almost two years ago, we moved to a new location on Roswell Road in Buckhead. We were sad to leave our first spot (very poshly located next to the St. Regis in Buckhead) but after five years, it was time to go. We loved our neighbors (B.Braithwaite, Dry Bar, Detox and Flywheel) but we were confident we’d be thrilled with our new address.

Opening night at Buckhead Court back in November 2016.

We love our sunny, bright space that’s perfect for showing off our wares.

And we are! We have the best neighbors and a wonderful tenant mix at our new digs, Buckhead Court. Our 5,000 square feet space is light-filled, spacious and perfect for showing off our French imports, gifts, tabletop, decorative accessories and upholstery. We’re conveniently located on the Roswell Road corridor that’s populated with everyone’s daily have-to-have’s: Buttermilk Kitchen, Pike’s Nursery and our favorite grocery store, Publix. (Can we do a little shout out for Huff Harrington Fine Art which is right behind Buttermilk Kitchen on Rickenbacker Drive?!)

Buckhead Court was a little bit of the ugly duckling that became a swan. And we’re dating ourselves a little here but does anyone remember Outback Steakhouse? What about Australian Body Works? Fast forward to 2018 and, with a little white paint and overall zhushing, Buckhead Court is now a thriving retail center with a dynamic tenant mix, thanks to its owner Regency Centers and our dynamo of a leasing agent, Leslie Mintz.

Have you met our neighbors?

Superica: amazingly delicious Tex-Mex food with a fun and buzzy atmosphere.

Margaritas, anyone?

Let’s start with Superica, the very authentic Tex-Mex restaurant from Ford Fry. Three words to sum it up: delish, delish and delish. (My Texas-born hubs swears by it!). The fare is fresh (homemade tortillas), the service is great and the margaritas are over the top. If you haven’t been, put it on your list. Waiting for a table? Come shop the center while you’re waiting for that table text. (Or, if you have room, pop by Sweet Charlie’s for made-to-order, rolled ice cream.)

After you inhale the food at Superica, you’ll be ready for a workout and we’re in good company here: Stellar Bodies, founded by Amy Selig, is the ultimate in low-impact conditioning using resistance and counter-resistance training. When you see Amy and her team, you’ll get why Stellar Bodies has a huge and very devoted following. Or, if yoga is your thing, Carly Grace Milyo’s Thunderbolt Yoga has a full range of wonderful classes from the basics to hot yoga and even hip-hop yoga.

Amy Selig runs <a href="" target="_blank">Stellar Bodies</a>, the it workout studio in Buckhead.

Thunderbolt Yoga has a devoted fan base who loves the heated room classes (and the chilled lavender-scented face cloths at the end of the classes are pretty addictive, too.)

Fashionista (and adorable energizer-bunny gal), Sabrina Davis, has Range, her chic little clothing boutique at Buckhead Court as well. She’s got a fabulous mix of California-based designers and lines that are fashion-forward, comfortable and perfect for, as she calls it, that “runway we call life.” We love Sabrina – she’s a smart business woman who’s a natural marketer as well as being incredibly creative and driven.

Sabrina, owner of Range Boutique.

Range is choc-a-block full of adorable clothes.

(By the way, here’s a fun fact: the majority of businesses at Buckhead Court are owned by women.)

The queens of Buckhead Court! Photo by Jeff Roffman

One of the center’s newest tenants is Coton Colors, a darling gift and lifestyle shop run by the nicest people on the planet. Their space is light and bright and brimming with serveware, tabletop and gifts galore.

Coton Colors: your first and only stop for all personalized gifts.

One of our neighbors at our first location was DTox and we’re so glad we’re next to one another again.  Their daily juice concoctions have legions of fans who swear by their healthful benefits – and we couldn’t agree more.  And speaking of health, we’re also in good company with Icebox Cryotherapy, where you can have all your impurities frozen out of you with an icy non-invasive cold therapy.  Rounding out the beauty stops are Buckhead Lash,  European Wax Center and Craig Stewart Salon whose fashion-forward cuts and blowouts are always a favorite.

Dtox’s offerings are addictive.

We’re definitely going to rejuvenate one of these days over at Icebox.

Don’t forget your pooches: Sarah’s Groom Room has been a favorite for doggie-owners for a couple decades and we always love seeing freshly shampooed pups strolling out of her shop.   Rounding out our full-service mix is Tao Foot Massage and Foot Spa (perfect for all of us retailers whose aching feet need a little R & R), Play it Again Sports and Fast Signs.

Finally, if you need banking assistance, we can personally recommend Georgia Primary Bank. You’ll meet the most helpful, intelligent and creative financial peeps there and we’re speaking from first-hand experience here.

We feel so lucky to be in the company of such dynamic businesses and their driven and ambitious owners.  We have a real feeling of solidarity here at Buckhead Court and that makes for nice synergy between us all.  We’re all customer-driven so if you’re looking for great service, unique offerings and a great vibe, we’ve got it here.

Neighbors definitely make the neighborhood – and here’s your personal invitation to swing by for some one-stop food, fitness, beauty and shopping and check us all out.  We think you’ll like the company at Buckhead Court as much as we do.

Ta ta.

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