Making that holiday magic

Making that holiday magic

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It’s that time of year again – and the calendars are full: parties and dinners to be thrown; visitors to entertained at home; gifts to be wrapped and delivered; and all kinds of gatherings to be enjoyed.

It’s also the time to make holiday magic at home with pretty and festive decor that celebrates the season but doesn’t go overboard.

Our mantra here at Huff Harrington is:  keep it simple and impactful with pops of color, lots of natural greenery and a touch of glimmer and shine.  And we keep the ideas coming via plenty of wonderful inspirational photos from our favorite designers – and some tried-and-true tips like these:

add happy pops of color (and don’t worry about not using green and red)

<a href="" target="_blank">Mallory Mathison’s</a> gorgeous table setting. From <a href="" target="_blank">Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles</a> (photo: David Christensen)

<a href="" target="_blank">Will Huff and Heather Dewberry </a>added shots of turquoise and chartreuse to their holiday palette for a Buckhead client. From <a href="" target="_blank">Traditional Home</a> (photo by Emily Followill.)

A bright blue <a href="" target="_blank">ornament</a>.

Designer Tobi Fairley uses <a href="" target="_blank">hot pink and orange</a> as her gorgeous holiday colors. Photographed by Nancy Nolan.

or, keep it simple and graphic with a subtle hint of holiday greenery:

A simple green wreath fits this <a href="" target="_blank">clean decor</a> just perfectly.  Photo: Werner Straube.

One of our favorite designers, Paloma Contreras (La Dolce Vita blog) shared her holiday decorating tip with us:

“When decorating for the holidays, keep your home’s color palette in mind, so that things feel festive, yet cohesive. My own home is neutral– lots of white, black, and soft gray with pops of pink and moss green. Moss green also happens to be one of my favorite colors, so this year, my holiday decorations are silver, gold, and moss green. The palette is elegant and works very well with the rest of my home.”

An <a href="" target="_blank">elegant tablescape</a> from Paloma Contreras.

spread the joy to every part of the house:

Set the stage with <a href="" target="_blank">a drama-filled foyer</a>.  Photo: Werner Straube.

And how fun to bring the holiday decor to the unexpected spots, like the <a href="" target="_blank">bedrooms</a>.

add a little shimmer and shine:

Nothing beats full-on drama and candlelight during the holidays so pull out all the stops with china, crystal and silver.

We love the full-on holiday <a href="" target="_blank">entertaining drama</a> pictured here. Photographed by David Christensen.

Pile on the <a href="" target="_blank">pink and gold</a>!  (David Christensen.)

We love <a href="" target="_blank">glitter wreaths</a> – especially when they’re hung over a Louis mirror.

don’t forget to decorate outside

Setting the stage with a gorgeously decorated front door makes guests feel extra special and hints at the surprises inside.

Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles winter showhouse, <a href="" target="_blank">Home for the Holidays</a>, is open now.

We love putting holiday decor in unexpected places: like a <a href="" target="_blank">very chic barn</a>! Photograph: Ali Harper.

And the most important tip of all: surround yourself with loved ones, plenty of delicious food and drink and a couple great playlists and we’re pretty sure your holidays will be full  of magic.

Ta ta.

PS: we’re open late on Thursdays through Christmas (till 7 p.m.) and on Sundays from 1 – 5 p.m. to help you with all your holiday decor and gift needs.

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