It's Time To Set The Table

It's Time To Set The Table

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Hi there - it's Emma again!

The holidays are right around the corner! Obviously now, more than ever, our plans will include celebrating at home a little more than usual and that calls for a refresh. The store is full of fabulous and fresh tabletop collections perfect for your next dinner party.

We love a classic white table setting with a mix of textures to complete the look. A perfect fall table includes a mix of velvet pumpkins, linen napkins and a fabulous centerpiece. 

You can continue the mix with your glassware. Our favorite time-and-time again are these organic shape glasses with a gorgeous gold rim. It adds just the right amount of glam to any setting.

And of course, no table mix would be complete without a bit of old. We recently received two fabulous black and white faience collections from France. This first collection is circa 1950’s and features a fabulous black and white design.

The second collection was love at first sight while shopping in France. Aptly known as Apt ware (since it originated from a little town in Provence called Apt), the marbleized method was developed in the 18th Century and the beautiful design actually comes from the mixing of different colored clays from the rich soils of the region. The distinctly hued clays are swirled together in a perfect manner so as not to muddy the colors. This very complex method ensures that each piece is a one-of-a-kind and difficult to reproduce.  

And finally, you can’t serve during the holidays without our signature Annieglass pieces. Again, something about that gold rim adds just the right amount of chic and mixes so well with pieces you already have.

Before you set the table for you next dinner party, be sure to stop by to complete your table scape!

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