House Beautiful creates its whole home project – right in our neighborhood!

House Beautiful creates its whole home project – right in our neighborhood!

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A couple of months ago, a lovely little project fell happily into our laps.  It all began with a text from Michael Ladisic, a well-known custom home builder in Atlanta, asking us if we could pop by a house he was working on. They were getting ready for a photo shoot and might need a piece of art or two for House Beautiful’s Whole Home Project.

So, we dropped what we were doing on a Sunday morning and dashed over to the house which is located in beautiful historic Brookhaven in Atlanta.  We instantly ooohed and aaahed when we saw the house – you’ll see why in a second.

Victoria Pearson

Michael and architect Linda MacArthur explained to us that the house was the brainchild of magazine House Beautiful and was specifically designed to promote wellness and healthy living.  The mantra is “if you build your house well, you’ll live well.”  That means thoughtful design with an eye to game-changing home technology, plenty of creature comforts, an abundance of natural light and a connection to the outdoors.

The magazine assembled the dream team of MacArthur, Ladisic, kitchen designer extraordinaire Mathew Quinn and interior designer, Sherry Hart (as well as an impressive roster or product sponsors) to create the house from the foundation up to the last perfectly planted boxwood near the front door.

The deadline was looming for the photo shoot (and late October publication date) and the team felt that some original art would be the icing on the cake. Oh and might we have a few extra pieces at Huff Harrington Home – accessories or maybe a console or buffet for the living room?

Are you kidding us? We were thrilled to help out and rounded up some art and a few accessories for our favorite team.

The very first piece we knew we had to hang was <a href="" target="_blank">this stunner by Melissa Payne Baker</a>.  It was a natural choice for the family room – and we loved how the painting’s rich palette complemented the furnishings and fabrics.
The finished family room with its shades of blue, raspberry and gold.  We were thrilled with the way the painting looks over the fireplace.  (photo: Victoria Pearson)
In mid-shoot, Sherry sent us this great shot (a 19th century French <a href="" target="_blank">walnut commode</a>  and <a href="" target="_blank">vintage art from Paris</a> and an <a href="" target="_blank">organic abstract mixed media piece by Mel Real</a>.) It was so fun to see our “babies” in the spotlight.

We instantly pictured one of Geri Eubank’s iconic figures in the dining room and luckily, Sherry agreed:

The lovely “Jacqueline” (who quickly went to a new home shortly after the shoot.)
Here’s “Jacqueline” in the dining room.  (photo: Victoria Pearson)
The study is a contrast of textures, soft color and has a great mix going on.  (Those are our one-of-a-kind white French plaster mirrors hanging over a darling little Alsatian chair we found in France.) Photo: Victoria Pearson
Matthew Quinn designed an extraordinary kitchen with every known convenience known to mankind cleverly installed – including a pantry that doubles as a grow closet – as in grow your own veggies in your kitchen!  (Photo: Victoria Pearson). You can’t see it in this shot, but Augusta Wilson’s fabulous Papillion painting hangs in the adjacent mudroom.

Augusta Wilson’s <a href="" target="_blank">“Papillion”</a> – it looks great from the kitchen, we promise.
Even the pooches have a spot to call their own. This is the dog mudroom, complete with a fancy iron dog door, a shower, and a comfy bed.  (Photo: Victoria Pearson)

The house is designed with all the latest bells and whistles that make life a little smoother, less stressful and easier all the way around.  One of our favorites is BoxLock, an app-enabled padlock that allows designated shippers (like FedEx) to drop off packages securely.  We also like the lighting system that Michael Ladisic installed:  Noon, which tunes in to your home’s rhythms and can dim and brighten bulbs based on lighting habits.

The master bedroom. (Photo: Victoria Pearson)
The light-filled master bath.  (Photo: Victoria Pearson)
One of the upstairs bedrooms has a little loft – perfect for little people to let their imaginations run wild.  (Photo: Victoria Pearson)

And finally, one of our favorite spots in the house is the zen-like porch that is surrounded by natural greenery and looks insanely comfortable:

We were delighted to offer up the charming little rounded planters, called “marmites” in French, for the photo shoot. (Photo: Victoria Pearson)

The good news is that this wonderful house, designed specifically to enable the healthiest, smartest and best kind of wellness living is for sale.  We’d take it in a second – and we’re quite sure our lives would healthy and happy!

Ta ta.


Read the entire House Beautiful piece right here. 

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