Hot off the Easel: Brook Soss

Hot off the Easel: Brook Soss

Please say hello to a new artist at Huff Harrington Fine Art:  Brook Soss, a contemporary painter who is mastering color and texture via very unusual mixed media.

We were instantly intrigued by Brook's work - it was truly unlike anything we'd seen. Freely formed and interesting shapes sprawl on her surfaces (usually canvas or board) in an organic, natural fashion - but it was the texture of the shapes that really caught our eye.

Brook explained that she uses a very humble ingredient as the mainstay in her media - and that is sand, sand and more sand.

Combining sand with a variety of elements (including adhesives and pigment), she creates the shapes and forms that can resemble lots of different things, from lace to solid shapes which can be embossed or marked upon.

Fault Lines


And since sand is a hot commodity for Brook, she's even been known to raid a golf trap or two.  

It took us about one minute to ask Brook to join us at HHFA and we're delighted to say her work is definitely striking a chord with our clients.  

Take a peek at a few of our favorites that are currently up on the walls in the gallery:

Lacey Motives II

Truffle Titan II

Sacred Whales IV

God of Taupe II

Driven to artistically create, Brook told us that her love of art was cultivated by her grandmother and she finds daily inspiration in fashion, design, nature and color theory.

If you're in Atlanta, please do come by and see Brook's pieces in person and if not, check her out right here.


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