French inspirations

French inspirations

La Divine Comedie (photo courtesy of their website,

We were sitting at the Paris airport last week, happily scrolling through all the pictures from our most recent buying trip and congratulating ourselves on our “best container yet.”  (We’ve had a few of those!)  Right then I happened to pick up one of my favorite French magazines, Art & Decoration, and literally gasped at the beauty of one of the homes featured.   Sitting on the biggest plot of private land within the historic walls of Avignon, this luxurious  B&B,   La Divine Comedie, is beyond divine!  If, on our many buying trips,  we could ever gather up all the treasures that we find and put them in one place, we would dream that the house would look just like this!

The outside of the Italianate style house , with the line of perfectly manicured cypress trees.

Although we've never been to La Divine Comedie, we think these photos -- by Christophe Rouffio for Art & Decoration magazine -- speak beautifully for themselves.

The magical "bassin" of La Divine Comedie, with its pretty green 19th C. olive "jarres" with miniature palm trees.

The classical limestone facade of La Divine Comedie, with several pretty terraces.

The front hall with its "escalier d'honneur" and pretty 19th C. French barometer.

Love the bookshelves lining the library and the gorgeous stone floors.

The salon features a beautiful mix of 19th C. regency armchairs, an antique mirror and contemporary touches like the lamp, sofa and coffee table.

Again, we love the mix: The antique pedestals, the 19th C. urns, and the 1960's Saarinen inspired dining chair.

No worries about blessing this food:  The dining room, with its classic "point d'hongrie" floors and Regency style chandelier, is presided over by a very imposing and elegant bishop!

This divine house has it all: A sumptuous garden, richly textured architectural elements, and a very elegant mix of antiques with just enough modern thrown in to keep it edgy, stylish and comfortable.  To us, La Divine Comedie is the embodiment of continental style: A mix of modern and traditional style, filled with the kinds of treasures that draw us back to Europe over and over again in the search of similarly beautiful and rare, one-of-a-kinds.

Do you like the look?   We may be able to help you!  Our latest container, the one that's arriving next month, is filled with treasures that will give you the look:

Love the jarres at the end of the pool?  We've got three, on their way.

The pretty barometer in the front hall? A lovely blue one is on its way.

Craving a console? We've got a crunchy one coming soon.

Looking for elegant armchairs? We've got some beauties, recovered in horsehair (yep!), from an elegant house in Paris.

Need a beautiful, hand painted 17th C. screen? We've got it coming!

Looking for an elegant Regency style chandelier with tall and elegant candles? We've got a beauty.

Need a bust? We've got one for you (made out of paper mache so you won't bust your back!)

We may not be able to recreate an 18th Century mansion from Avignon (although I'm sure somebody can!) but we're more than happy to help you find the furnishings!  And if you're ever in Avignon, be sure to check out The Divine Comedie. 

Ta ta,


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