Emily Followill in Paris

Emily Followill in Paris

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Shoppers in Paradise, I mean Paris

You may not recognize the name, but if you are a regular reader of Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles, Traditional Home, Veranda, Atlanta Magazine Home and a myriad other fabulous "shelter" magazines, you've seen her work.  Emily Followill is a highly talented photographer, known for the gorgeously lit, beautifully composed and lusciously rich interiors that have graced so many magazines, and even her own beautiful book on Southern Rustic Cabins.  But she is equally adept at capturing people in action, or scoping out the delicious detail and magical moments that we may not necessarily see.

Emily Followill, in front of the camera, for a change!

Emily Followill vignette, from Veranda Magazine

Another beauty from Emily Followill featuring a marvelous Swan painting by <a href="https://huffharrington.com/collections/dawne-raulet" target="_blank">Dawne Raulet</a> (for the 2015 Holiday Showhouse)

Emily Followill's shot of the beautiful apartment we just renovated in Paris, called "Cairanne."

Drum roll: We were very excited to have Emily on our last trip to Paris with us, and thrilled when we got to relive the moments through her finely tuned lens.  There were twelve of us on this trip, and Emily managed to capture the spirit and fun that this lively (and lovely!) group of women had together.  She was as mesmerized by the scenery as the subjects, and she ran around like a nimble nymph, with energy and enthusiasm, capturing us in action and spotting the spontaneous moments that we can now cherish for years to come.

If Paris itself is a feast for any eyes, you can just imagine what it does for an artist like Emily.  We asked her to focus on the people in this shoot, by capturing the negotiating, flirting, buying and bonding that takes place with almost every encounter.  As with any of our trips, we knew that there would be lifelong friendships made.  But what we didn't expect was how the group as a whole would bond together, even insisting on spending  their "free time" together.  For us, that's a dream come true.  And for Emily, it was a chance to capture it all ... which she did!

Here then is a glimpse of this photographer's view of Paris, with the great group of lovely women who were the intended focus of her shoot.

First day at the fair of Chatou, and we love what we see!

It's raining, but who cares? Its Paris!

And puddles make for great sailing vignettes, with a little humor, when you have an eye like Emily!

We'll take one ...

I'll take two ...

And we'll take four!

Purchases require a lot of work behind the scenes: Like carefully measuring ...

And more measuring ...

And questioning ...

And learning ...

Examining .... (sometimes  it takes a village to buy a vintage Hermes scarf!)

And bargaining!

And winning!  Can you tell how happy Courtney is?

There were lots of Sold stickers after our group paraded through ...

But somehow we passed on this group of watering cans (as cute as they are)

And airplane seats (as cute as they are!)

But one of us had a hard time passing up this gorgeous chandelier.

We often bought in pairs ...

And laughed in pairs  ....

And posed in pairs ...

... and pairs!

Of course it wouldn't be France without the delicious food, especially at Chatou which stars ham sandwiches at every turn.

And it wouldn't be Chatou without our celebratory glass of bubbles, with Monsieur adorabubbles!

Or a festive dinner ....

Or hamming it up after a festive lunch!

This is just a teeny sampling of the marvelous pictures Emily took on our trip.  Merci, Emily, for  capturing what we think is the essence of these trips:  Shopping, socializing and succumbing to the beauty of this beautiful city that we love to visit.  And merci to the lovely subjects of the photos, whose kindness was appreciated by all our nice French vendors (they told us!), and whose joie de vivre was appreciated by your Huffington group leaders.  We want you all back!

Ta ta,


P.S.:  We still have a few openings on our September/October buying trip to Paris.  Contact Linda at the gallery if you're interested in joining.  If you're a designer, it's a great way to shop for clients.  If you're a store owner, we'll help you spot the fast sellable items.  And if you're just you, come anyway.  Chances are if you are interested in this trip, you're just the person we'd love to have along, who will fit right in and have the best time.

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