Atlanta eats - our five fave dining spots with patios

Atlanta eats - our five fave dining spots with patios

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There's a hint of spring in the air these days and that means one thing: outdoor dining is about to kick back into high gear. Here are a few of our faves around town where al fresco dining is a priority:

 Le Bibloquet: "Le Bib" is chic and vibey with a pretty outdoor terrace (and the Cajun chicken is delish, not to mention the perennially perfect french fries).

Storia Vino: an off-shoot of the super popular Storica Fresca, this fun little place has a covered patio, a lively atmosphere and great pasta.  

The Chastain: we love the Chastain for its dog-friendly and laid-back atmosphere, not to mention the cozy fire-pit, patio and their own sustainable garden.

Anis: Ann and I have very fond memories of Anis and it's always been a favorite.  We went there for lunch back in 2005 and after a glass or two, we shook hands and went into business together!  They still have a wonderful, French-inspired menu and their little patio is delightful.

Bold Monk Brewing Company: located on Ellsworth, this spacious brewery has a fabulous outdoor space framed with mature trees, plenty of string lights and fire pits for cool evenings.  Jill, our manager, loves this place - and there's a great little wine list if you're not a beer drinker.


So, where's your favorite Atlanta spot for outdoor dining? Let us know - and bon appetit!



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