Across the Pond in Paris and Provence

Across the Pond in Paris and Provence

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 We've been criss-crossing the Atlantic like crazy the past eight weeks, heading to Paris and Provence for buying trips, touring trips and a painters' workshop.

It's always such a treat to spend time with our clients - from first-time buyers to repeat "campers" - and the thrill of being in France never, ever gets old.

We kicked it off with two back-to-back buying trips in Paris.  We spent hours at a delightful (and fruitful!) antiques fair right outside of Paris and scoured the famous flea market from top to bottom.  We love visiting our favorite vendors, hearing their stories, sharing their expertise and ultimately finding those perfect pieces that make our clients' hearts sing.  It's a job we absolutely adore!

Down in sunny and gorgeous Provence, we hosted a delightful group of college friends and spent the week exploring all the beauty and bounty that Provence offers.  Then, there was the fun group of ladies who were ready to engage in the thrill of the hunt.  We visited a fun bi-annual antiques fair in a tiny hilltop village and spent countless hours in Isle sur la Sorgue (also known as the antiques capital of the south of France). So many lovely pieces are heading back to the U.S. 

And we've just hosted a group of artists who spent the week in Provence painting with one of our wonderful Huff Harrington Fine Art artists, Allison Chambers.  


If you're interested in joining us in 2024, stay tuned. We'll be releasing new dates towards the end of the summer.  A bientot!



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