A Warm Welcome in Provence

A Warm Welcome in Provence

It was so nice to be back in Provence!  After almost a year of being away (yes, we did sneak over last September, during a small Covid interlude when it was almost OK to travel again), we pretty much kissed the ground when we arrived.  

Meg and I were here on several missions:  To buy for the store and the gallery, to seek out new vendors and artists, and to make sure that everything was ready for the arrival of our first trip guests this fall.  After our last trip with clients was unfortunately cut short on that fateful March day in 2020, we’ve been counting the days til we could safely and happily return to Paris and Provence with our clients again, and give them all a trip of a lifetime.  We hope those days are almost here! 

So what's it like in sunny Provence, you ask?  Well let me tell you:

It's cheery!

Whether it's a field of sunflowers happily greeting us or a colorful array of umbrellas from a terrace in Gordes, it's just plain cheery!
It's busy!
It's (oh so) pretty!

From the lavender fields punctuated with cypress trees, to the shapely curves on an 18th century commode heading our way, Provence is pretty.

It's rich!

Rich in history, like the mountain top village of Les Baux, and rich in patina, like the intricate detail of an 19th century walnut commode.

It's colorful!

Like the vintage Veuve Clicquot buckets that we hunt down when we come to France, or the giant images of Cezanne paintings projected on the wall of an ancient quarry, there is color everywhere!

It's yummy!

From the succulent sweetness of the Provence strawberries to the oozing creaminess of a cheese plate, the food here is fresh, almost healthy (!) and yummy!

And nothing is better than a little feast on the terrace of Les Murets!

It's happy!

Need I say more?

It's golden!

From the gilded patina of an ancient starburst mirror to the golden hue of a Provence sunset, our experience here is pure gold!

It's refreshing!

From the mouth of an ancient fountain, to the mouth of the Sorgues river ... 

to a mouth watering drink at the end of the day, our lives here are always refreshing!

It's noisy! 

If you can turn the sound on for this little video taken from the terrace at Les Murets, you’ll hear what the Provencaux call the singing of the Cicadas !

 And finally, after a very long day of shopping, eating, walking, negotiating, with flattened hat hair and a hunger to boot, it's downright giddy!

Ta ta,


P.S.  We have just updated our 2021 and 2022 trip dates on our website. We'd love to have you join us!



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