A Visit to our Store

A Visit to our Store

If you were to visit our store this month (and as always, we’d love to see you), you would be entering a winter wonderland of gifts and accessories. Our buyers are keenly aware of how our lives have changed this year, upended by a pandemic that has grounded us in more ways than one.  We are now spending more time in our homes, invested in the comfort and beauty of our four walls.  No wonder people are buying more art, more comfy clothes, more decorative accessories, more home fragrances and more bar carts! 


Typical of most retailers, 4th quarter is our busiest time of year and I’ll be honest, this one threw us for a loop.  We didn’t know what to expect:  Should we buy more or less?  Will customers come in early or will they do everything on-line?  When Alva and Allison suggested we “do” Christmas early, introducing our holiday ornaments on October 12th, we were skeptical. Really?  So soon?  It seemed heretical to stretch the season so far out, but with their persuasive arguments, we reluctantly agreed to it (provided we refrain from the Christmas music until after Thanksgiving)!  Overnight, they turned the store into this winter wonderland:

As always, our employees were right and it seems that once again, 2020 has been a year of contradictions.  But one thing remains a constant during this time of turmoil: That we remain completely overwhelmed and grateful, to our faithful clients who not only have supported us during the year but have  returned in (socially distant) droves for 4th quarter to support Camp Twin Lakes with their Partners Card. 

Although Partners Card is over, we still have a lot of fun things on the radar including an upcoming art show at Huff Harrington Fine Art featuring four talented artists whose take on the theme “Nature and Nurture” is both cohesive and unique.  

We’ll share a sneak peek to the work with you next week, but be sure to mark your calendars for this socially distant group show that opens Saturday, November 14th from 10 to 5 at Huff Harrington Fine Art.



We have several trunk shows lined up for the fall, including one that opens this Thursday, November 5th, from 11 to 5, featuring the fabulous jewelry from S. Carter Designs:



And one-of-a-kind handbags from Ella Gray:



There is the opening of the Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles Holiday Showhouse in which we are delighted to participate.  You’ll have to come see our space, and that of so many other talented interior designers as the home is open from November 12th to December 6th at 810 Kenry Court in Atlanta.



And last but not least, we have a new container from France, that is filled to the brim with treasures like this barometer, which we expect to arrive right around Thanksgiving.



A gorgeous crunchy 19th C. commode that had us screaming when we first spotted it ...

And more of the Apt-ware faience in black and white, including a set of these plates.

Two weeks ago, we shared in the grief of one of our dearest employees, who lost her husband to a sudden heart attack early one morning. Although thankfully Bill Alvarez didn’t suffer, it was the worst kind of unexpected shock that gripped us all and our hearts have ached for dear Barb. We thank those of you who have reached out to Barb, offering everything from handling some of her responsibilities to hand delivering a martini (although that was politely turned down!). The love for Barb has touched us all and she promises to be be back with us soon. We know that you, like us, will greet her warmly and hold her in your thoughts.



As we approach our favorite holiday, that in which we give thanks, it reminds us that despite this year of turbulence, this season of disruption, this week of elections and the foreboding of a long and hard winter ahead, we need to take the time right now to express our gratitude for what we have.  We are so grateful to our clients for believing in us and supporting us and to our dear employees for making our store and gallery the welcoming, happy places that they are.  You fill our hearts and we appreciate and thank you.



Ta ta,






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