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Some of you may be wondering what Ann and her team in Paris have been doing for the last couple of years.  Ann, do you want to answer that?

Hi there:  Yes, I'm very excited to brag about our little Paris office and off-shoot of Huff Harrington in Atlanta.  You know that we were lucky enough to land a few interior design projects in Paris, shortly after our first renovation was published in 2010.  It got to the point where demand for renovations and furnishings of apartments was enough to justify at least one of us to move here full-time.  Luckily I drew the right straw and have been clicking away ever since, with a fabulous tri-cultural design team on the ground and a great group of contractors that we depend on.

Today I'm very excited to announce an updated version of our website to showcase the work that I'm so proud of, from our team in Paris.  The new Huff Harrington Paris website has lots of fun sections that includes an overview of the services that we offer:

We have an introduction to our team:

There is a portfolio section with lots of pictures of finished projects:

Don't take our word for it!  There's a section on testimonials, so that you can hear what some of our clients have to say. 

A section on (my personal favorite) stories to tell, some good, some not so good, including the big oops that happened recently when a painter accidentally stripped down the original hand-painted frescoes from a beautiful apartment we were redoing, or on a happier note, the story of our dear clients who bought an off-market apartment in 15 minutes!

Don't worry, with the help of a decorative painter, we were able to restore it to a happy ending, here!

We have a "reader favorite" section which includes some before and after pictures for different projects, and is sure to wow a little!

For the visitor to Paris, we have a top five section that talks about some of our favorite haunts and things to do in the city.

And my last personal favorite, a section on what it's like to Live like a Parisian in this city.  Because in the end, that's what we hope you'll do!  Come see us, discover you love it here, and decide to move and join us on the ground. 

 If all of this has managed to whet your appetite to live in Paris, then bravo!  You can fill out the Design Inquiry form and know that we will be thrilled to hear from you.  


We hope you enjoy the new website and more than anything, we hope we'll see you in Paris - whether for a visit to our showroom or a visit to a potential new apartment for you to live in and call home.

A la prochaine,

Ann and our Paris Team 


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