We share these testimonials with you not to pat ourselves on the back, but to reassure those of you who may be timid about taking the leap that others have done it and had a great time. Perhaps it's easiest to do it with a friend or, like some trips, line up six or seven friends and fill the trip with people you know. However, we have found with past trips that it can be equally rewarding to do it on your own and meet new people. Sometimes, the unlikeliest bonds happen over a long walk to a distant village or a glass (or two!) of wine on the terrace overlooking the Luberon. We'd like to make it easier for you and enjoyable for all.

So feel free to contact us and ask us any questions you may have. We hope that we'll be able to help you come up with your own trip of a lifetime. 

"We LOVED the trip so much and are still taking about it every day, what a dream!  I loved getting to know you two also and hope we can see each other more!”  MM, October 2017

“Your paintings "sing" and so do your words! I had such a wonderful time with all the ladies. It was a magical and healing experience for me....as you said, I am still feeling "embraced by Provence". Love you and hope to see you soon.” S, October 2017

“I am so blessed to have these lovely memories! What a treat to be able to share the time with such a grand group of ladies!” S, October 2017

“What a beautiful...magical journey as artists! Let's hold those sunlit days in our hearts always.” SM, October 2017

“Dear Linda- What an amazing trip you created for us at les Murets I will always remember with Joy! Thank you so much for making it so special for our entire group and all the effort you put into every detail!  It was great getting to know you better and I keep reliving it all in photos.”LF, October 2017

“Thank you for a wonderful experience on our trip to Paris!  Your guidance and thoughtful planning made the entire experience both memorable and seamless.  It was truly one of my favorite travel experiences ever.  I cannot wait to do it again.” PC, October 2017

“Au revoir to the amazing Huff ladies! What a treat it was to meet all of you.  We accomplished so much. I told my husband I feel like I just took to a mini crash course on French Antiques! All of you were so wonderful to help us in so many ways. Never could we have maneuvered the city, the restaurants, the subways, the markets, etc. without you!” SP, March 2017

“It was a lovely trip, I met so many amazing women. I so enjoyed learning how to maneuver the markets and I have always loved the French culture and people.  Thank you for your professional lessons of etiquette and business practices in France. They were invaluable and made the buying experience easy with no regrets.  We are all so very excited to see the bigs and smalls arrive and find their place in our homes.  But most of all to pass on to our families the stories of where and how these objects were acquired.” LDR, March 2017

"On the way home & we miss you already!!! Thanks for another great dinner and so many laughs. Our trip with you was the bees knees especially hanging out with Catherine Deneuve @ Vanves!"  E, P &E, March 2015

 "Wanted to thank both of you for giving me the opportunity to experience Paris in a whole new way. The apartment was fabulous, the food and wine divine, and the shopping was spectacular. Thank you also for the attention to every detail. I want to go back! Hope to see you all soon." PM, March 2015

"Ann, Meg and Linda: Thank you again for another fabulous shopping trip.  Such such fun.  We sure appreciate all your help and patience." S&L, March, 2015 (Editor's note:  We were thrilled to have them back for a second trip!)

"What a fabulous trip. The food, the sights, the friendship, the fun! This will always be a very special memory for me." GT, September 2013

Meg and Ann, thanks so much for the fantastic trip! SP, September 2013

How lucky were we to be the beneficiary of so much hospitality, love, time and talent that you and Meg bestowed upon our group for these past eleven days?! BI, September 2013

Our HH/France adventure was truly everything that we could have all hoped for and much much more!! The homes in both Paris and Provence were welcoming and charming and provided the perfect lodging for our group. Every single one of the countless details that went into the planning and execution of each and every perfect day truly made for an unforgettable experience! BI, September 2013

Everything was just perfect and I will cherish this trip for a lifetime. DB, September 2013

The experience is one that I will remember and treasure my whole life. Meg and Ann provided the most perfectly planned and executed agenda, the accommodations were superb and the food and wine were spectacular. GT, September 2013

Meg and Ann, thanks very much for your brilliant organizational prowess and unflagging charm...the trip was a resounding success! SP, September2013

“Many thanks for the warmest hospitality. What a fantastic week!” SS, July 2012

“You are an exemplary hostess... full of life, love, and laughter.” DS, July 2012

“What a fabulous week. Thanks so much for making our stay in Provence so very special. It was a pleasure getting to know you and a joy to be in your home.” SC, July 2012

“Pure joy and delight! And a 'most happy heart.'” ME, July 2012

“Our time at Les Murets was pure magic. Your home is the perfect setting for a warm and gracious respite.” AC, July 2012

“Thank you so much for opening your gorgeous home to the 'painters.' We have had a magical time this week and it has truly been a dream trip.” CG, July 2012

“We had a perfect week at Les Murets. Thank you and Nancy (Franke) for such a wonderfully planned trip. Your home here is beautiful.” SL, July 2012

“This week has been truly the best ever. It was truly so wonderful being with you and getting better acquainted. The beautiful spirit you have created lives at Les Murets even after you have left. The memory of sitting on the beautiful patio just taking in the beauty will last a lifetime. I am so envious of your next guests!” JD, July 2012

“The trip of a lifetime. New and wonderful friends! Linda was a saint and the most amazing leader. We all love her.” SP, September 2012

“My expectations were high already, but were well exceeded by the Paris and Provence trip. This week could not have been more perfect.” JD, September 2012

“Three years ago, I could not believe my journey to Provence. It was my trip of a lifetime. Three years later, I have once again experienced an incredible journey including Paris and Provence. As always, you have a gift that is beyond measure and exceeds expectations." Dale, September 2012

“I knew this trip would be incredible, but WOW! My expectations have been exceeded by leaps and bounds. I am so very grateful to Ann and the wonderful Linda for sharing your knowledge and guidance.” HB, September 2012, Atlanta (Editor’s note: We’re so excited that she has signed up for another year in 2014!)

“Wonderful, wonderful memories. My lifetime dream came true. Thanks to our special Linda.” WB, September 2010

"It was an amazing trip - thanks for making everything more than perfect." KG, October 2010

"Great trip! Great memories! I was so sad to leave." VJ, October 2010

"It was the trip of a lifetime!" LJ, October 2010

"I can't stop talking about my amazing time with all of you! Thank you for helping create one of the best vacations I have ever had! I don't want that delightful euphoria to wear off." MS, October 2010

"C'etait absolument parfait. Merci mille fois pour tout. Memories!" CM, September 2010

"A magical week! Every day a surpise, an adventure, and a happy memory. Thinking of Les Murets will always bring a smile. Thank you for making it happen." JM, September 2010

"Loved, loved, loved the week! Y'all did the best job - great food - great places - great house! No stone unturned!" DH, September 2010

"The trip of a lifetime - no rock was left unturned! A glorious home - beautiful country! Thank you, thank you, thank you." PL, September, 2010

"Les Murets is right out of a magazine and so comfortable. Every detail from waking (breakfast) through dinner on the terrace is impeccably planned and executed. You were the most charming hosts and friends. Cannot thank you enough for a perfect week." SB, September 2010

"There are no words! I will smile every time I think of this extraordinary week. Every detail was unbelievably wonderful. Merci from the bottom of my coeur." AG, September 2010

"Visiting your lovely home, tasting your marvelous food, and experiencing your wonderful hospitality has been the best. Thank you for everything. I will always keep these memories close." T, May 2010

"Your villa is exquisite and so well decorated. You have inspired me to find my own piece of paradise in Provence - hopefully near Les Murets." AF, June 2010

"My very first trip overseas was exceptional because of you, the ladies, and all of the wonderful French hospitality. I loved the beautiful house we were blessed to stay in. I loved the wonderful scenery that improved with every village and hillside. I am bringing home with me more fabulous memories than I can count." K, June 2010

"Thank you for the most marvelous week. This was the first time ever that I did not have to preplan a vacation. Your selection of villages, towns, markets, and restaurants was exceptional. It was very evident how passionate you are about this beautiful country and culture. Your grace and sense of humor made every day another adventure. I hope to come back and be exposed to another fabulous week in the near future." SF, June, 2010

"No words can describe how wonderful this trip was, and especially due to your warmth and hospitality. Thank you for a most memorable vacation. Looking forward to our return trip!" Cheryl, June 2010

"This has been the trip of a lifetime and a dream come true. The enthusiasm and exuberance with which you shared your knowledge of Provence was contagious! Thank you for memories and experiences that will be treasured forever." LG, June 2010

"A week of many superb experiences, good food, fun shopping, and enjoying friends. I have learned a new way of life, one of lingering lunches, laughter, and a sense of timelessnes. I hope to come again and share this experience with those who are important to me. With hopes to do this again." DB, June 2010

"Thank you for a trip of a lifetime. Each day was a joy, an experience, and everything I had hoped. No one should miss such a wonderful trip at such a beautiful home as Les Murets. Merci." Dale, September 2009

"Thank you for coordinating this trip of a lifetime. I will take many wonderful memories of sights seen, foods tasted, and wines sampled back with me. Despite our hectic shopping schedule, I feel invigorated, renewed and refreshed." SB, May 2010

"Your stunning home was a perfect setting for our storybook week in Provence. I will remember our glamourous lunches, tours of quaint villages, shop til we drops, your beautiful language, our 'wine' dinners, and even doing the laundry!" C, June 2009

"If I can't spend a year in Provence, a week will have to do. You have the perfect spot - so beautiful. You and Meg are a wonderful team. I hope my first visit won't be my last." BB, June 2009

"A wonderfully comfortable and informative week. Provence is such a gorgeous place. Your home is perfect and loved dining on the terrace. Great meeting you and Meg." K, June 2009

"What a wonderful and relaxing vacation! You live in a paradise. Thanks for a fantastic week of friendships and exploring." D and M, June 2009