Design Services - Process

How It Works

Step 1

Let's Talk!

Fill out our consultation form and we’ll follow up to chat about your project and budget, our fees, and the design process overall. If you’re local, we’ll also arrange a visit to your space.
Step 2


After chatting, we’ll send a detailed proposal addressing the scope of the project based on your design needs and a contract covering the nitty-gritties. (Fees are based on individual projects.)
Step 3

Design Plan

Then, we’ll roll up our sleeves to bring a little ooh-la-la into your home. Based on your input and our design expertise, we’ll create a custom design plan and finalize it together, tweaking as needed.
Step 4


Next, we’ll order, procure, and source all of the lovely items required for your design project. We’ll oversee the installation and, finally, welcome you back home to your new space.