Artists' Advice

We are pleased to include some thoughts from some of our own wonderful artists with advice about breaking in to the market. And we thank them for their kind words about Huff Harrington!

Nancy Franke, Read to Me

Nancy Franke writes:

"Huff Harrington has exceeded whatever expectations I may have had on being a Gallery Artist. The kind and helpful input from Ann and Meg, their enthusiasm for what they do, their ideas on marketing, and their fabulous ability to hang varied artists' work beautifully and to best advantage are just a FEW of the positives here. Their sell-through on my work has been terrific; they keep me regularly posted on sales and send along customer comments and positive notes. Also, prompt and efficient payments are professional and appreciated. If I had to sum it up, it is the ENERGY and joie de vivre emanating from this upbeat gallery—the owners, along with the great helpers, Linda and Sam—that make my association with HH artistically gratifying, fun, and profitable!"

Melissa Payne Baker writes:

"My suggestion to artists would be... if possible come to the shows! The customers, buying or not, love to meet the artist. They are intrigued with us and love to talk. I love meeting the other artist too! I love meeting the people who buy my paintings, seeing their excitement about putting their new painting in that perfect place and why it touched them. It always reminds me that this is the path I should be on. Being a successful artist doesn't stop in your studio!

As for working with Huff Harrington Fine Art, it has been a blessing! When I was young and thought that I wanted to be an artist, it seemed so unattainable. The thought of people being touched by my art was one thing but to actually go into an intimidating gallery was way far out of reach. Intimidation doesn't exist at Huff Harrington, the minute you drive in you feel a comfort come over you. It is so warm from the outside and even warmer on the inside, just like the staff's personalities. It is cozy, each room brings on a different feel yet flows. This gallery is so well liked and respected in the community. You mention Huff Harrington around Atlanta and you always get the same response... I love going in there!"

Angie Renfro writes:

"Not only do Ann & Meg do a fabulous job promoting my work, they are an absolute pleasure to work with. Their enthusiasm is sincere and their encouragement is ever-ready. I consider myself incredibly fortunate to be represented by Huff Harrington."