Tricia Strickfaden

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Strickfaden- Neutrally Noted
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Strickfaden- Add Fever to the Form
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Strickfaden - BW No. 10
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Strickfaden - BW No. 9
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Strickfaden - BW No. 8
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Strickfaden - BW No. 6
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Strickfaden - BW No. 3
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Strickfaden - BW No. 2
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About the artist

Tricia is passionate about painting, and is drawn to abstract expressionist modern art. Artists that have had a profound influence on her work include the abstract stain paintings of Helen Frankenthaler, and the drip paintings of Jackson Pollock. For her landscapes, contemporary landscape painter Luc Leestemaker. Although born in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Tricia nevertheless considers herself a Southerner at heart, having grown up in the Dallas, Texas area from the age of 7. She studied Interior Design and Art at Stephen F. Austin State University, immediately falling in love with the study of art, interiors, architecture and art history. Tricia moved to the LA area at age 21, and later married a South Bay native. She worked in commercial interior design for several years, and then moved on to residential interiors, founding her own residential design business in 1997. After the birth of her daughter, she felt a need to get back to her true artistic roots, and started painting again. Primarily self-taught, she connected with the oil on canvas medium, and came into her own with a blossoming professional art career.