Lorraine Christie

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Christie - Are You Sure?
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Christie - Reservation
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Christie - Another
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Christie - Another Time Perhaps
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Christie - Between Our Lines
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Christie - City Confidential
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Christie - Confession Over Coffee
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Christie - No Regrets
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Christie - Secrets
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Christie - Softly As She Goes
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Christie - Stealing the Streets
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Christie - The Daring Way
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Christie - The One
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Christie - Top Shelf
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Christie - Beyond Tomorrow
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About the artist

Enigmatic and alluring. Evocative and romantic.  Emotional and powerful.  All words to describe Lorraine Christie’s masterful paintings that revolve around love, loss, lust and life’s daily communications and confessions.
Christie’s urban landscapes capture poignant moments on busy streets and she uses her artistic expertise to hone in on the sheer range of emotions that come with a relationship: the euphoria, the heartbreak – and all those messy feelings in between.
Born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, Lorraine Christie is a classically trained artist, who prefers to say that she is self-taught as it has taken her years of living to develop her constantly evolving art.  Christie’s success started in her native Ireland and has spread world-wide with her works included in many private and corporate collections. Her work has been exhibited many times in London's Mayfair district and featured in the prestigious "discerning eye" exhibit in London. Two of her pieces are part of the permanent collection of the Museum of Ulster, Belfast.
We’re always struck by Christie’s astounding range of talent and her meticulous attention to technical detail.  Her oil paintings, mostly painted with palette knife, positively glow from her judicious use of light and negative space.  Her strokes are delicate and purposeful.  And the compositions feel natural, spontaneous and never forced.  Christie’s subject matter includes her unmistakable urban scenes as well as rich and beautifully painted figures and luscious still lifes.

She’s also one of the only artists we know who name their paintings before actually painting them – and her titles are as compelling as the finished work.  We love the wistful sound of “Consider This,” or “Lost at Sea,” “The Long Goodbye,” “Shared Confidences” or “Shelter Me.”

Christie is charming, delightful and has a quick wit and an irreverent sense of humor that translates easily to the canvas.

As Christie says, “I dearly wish to leave my mark on the world. I can only hope that the viewer can catch a glimpse of the world as I see it… rich with color and quality.”  We think she’s well on her way!