Kelli Kaufman

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Kelli Kaufman - Winter Impressions III
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Kelli Kaufman - Winter Impressions IV
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Kelli Kaufman - Horizon III
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About the artist

Born and raised in southern Louisiana, Kelli was first exposed to Louisiana marshland as a child boating in the Vermilion Bay each summer at her family's camp. Boating through the channels of the marsh felt like entering a secret garden, with hidden outdoor rooms of tall grass emerging from the water, alive with birds, insects, and jumping fish. Each "room" evoking a quiet, calm sense of the familiar juxtaposed with an unknown, exciting awakening of new discovery around each bend. The tranquility, solitude, and symbiosis of the land, water, and wildlife that she experienced as a child remain the primary source of inspiration in her paintings today.

Vast open air, billowing clouds, and meandering marshland are revealed from the surface of her paintings and come in and out of focus, capturing the romanticism of a southern sense of place. The eye is led to far off vanishing points, often cradled by distant trees soft in color. Line and shape become bolder in the foreground with swaying grassland and water reflections of shifting clouds. Oil and cold-wax give subtle texture and luminous depth as layers of paint are added, scraped away, and added again. Painted with emotion and a connection to childhood roots, Kelli's paintings conjure an internal longing to immortalize and protect the fragile beauty of Louisiana's disappearing coastline.