Heidi Kirschner

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Kirschner - Stillness
Kirschner - Stillness $3,200.00
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Kirschner - Daybreak
Kirschner - Daybreak Sold - $0.00
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Kirschner-Summer Haze
Kirschner-Summer Haze Sold - $0.00
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Kirschner-Morning Fog
Kirschner-Morning Fog Sold - $0.00
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Kirschner - Heart's Desire III
Kirschner - Heart's Desire III Sold - $0.00
+ Close-up
Kirschner - Calm Inlet
Kirschner - Calm Inlet Sold - $0.00
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Kirschner - Quiet Cove at Dawn
Kirschner - Quiet Cove at Dawn Sold - $0.00
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About the artist

Heidi Kirshner has been immersed in art and painting since she was a little girl, when her parents realized the only way to keep her still was to give her a palette of paints and a makeshift canvas.

She received her first award when she was 11 and today, her paintings show a lifetime of evolvement and development.  Hauntingly beautiful landscapes are layered with nuances of color, light and shadow.  Her still lifes are highly textured, loosely composed and show Kirschner’s love of abstraction.

Kirschner has studied, taught and painted continuously since her girlhood and, over the years, has honed her artistic style and philosophy.  She says:  “It has become glaringly obvious to me that I must allow the mishaps to happen for the art to exist.  As a classically trained artist, it has been a difficult concept to adopt, but as I learn to let go, I think the pieces I was meant to create are finally emerging.”