Ewa Rzeznik

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Ewa Rzeznik - A la Peche en Rouge
Ewa Rzeznik - A la Peche en Rouge $3,500.00
+ Close-up
Ewa Rzeznik - Helping Hands
Ewa Rzeznik - Helping Hands $3,200.00
+ Close-up
Ewa Rzeznik - Follow Me
Ewa Rzeznik - Follow Me $3,200.00
+ Close-up
Ewa Rzeznik - A la Peche Raye Rouge et Blanc
Ewa Rzeznik - A la Peche Raye Rouge et Blanc $2,800.00
+ Close-up

Ewa Rzeznik - Sea Watch
Ewa Rzeznik - Sea Watch $1,950.00
+ Close-up
Ewa Rzeznik - Castle Building
Ewa Rzeznik - Castle Building Sold - $0.00
+ Close-up
Ewa Rzeznik - Watchful Rest
Ewa Rzeznik - Watchful Rest Sold - $0.00
+ Close-up

About the artist

People always ask us how we find our artists. One of our favorite ways is to hear from our clients who, on their travels, have stumbled onto a particular artist and think he or she would be a wonderful addition to Huff Harrington. Such is the case with the lively Ewa Rzeznik, a Polish artist living in France. We kept hearing about her and were delighted to meet her several years ago, although it took an additional two years of respectfully courting her before we could sign her up with us. Ewa is very successful and popular in France, where people have recognized her incredible talent and breadth as an artist.

Trusting our client's excellent eye, we weren't surprised to be bowled over by Ewa's exquisite use of value; her skilled technique with palette knife and brush; and her uncanny ability to portray reflective light. And, her subject matter always touches our hearts, especially her sweet takes on adults and children walking on the beach. We especially love her bright shots of red, yellow or green that breathe excitement and energy into her work.

Born in 1969, Ewa made her first successful debut as an artist at the Salon International de Cannes, where she was awarded the coveted first prize, Medaille d’Or in 2001. Since then, she has been represented by galleries in Paris, Normandy and Amsterdam.  We are honored to be her sole representatives in the United States. In October, 2006, Ewa published a book on painting by knife, with an accompanying training DVD. In addition to providing a marvelous, step-by-step manual for aspiring artists, this book provides a glimpse of the artist’s charming, bubbly and enthusiastic personality. In her introduction, written in French, the artist talks about how to tilt the knife at the right angle, feeling the dual pleasure of the vibration against the canvas along with the pain from the muscles in your hand. And she adds, “Mais n’est-ce pas merveilleusement stimulant de faire ainsi corps avec la couleur?" which loosely translated means, "isn’t it marvelous to embody the physical joy of painting?"

The joy of painting permeates all of Ewa’s work. For us, it is a tremendous joy and honor to represent this great artist and to introduce her exceptional work to our friends in the U.S.