Chris Brandell - Inward Outward (54 x 48)

Chris Brandell - Inward Outward (54 x 48)

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54 x 48

oil and mixed media on canvas


behind the canvas:

Inward Outward was the second piece finished of 8 pieces created for HHFA.  All 8 pieces were inspired by meditative “conversations” I had with angelic energies during the witching hours.  I frequently meditate during these early hours of the morning because I feel connected to these energies, and it brings peace to my studio day.  

For me, Inward Outward is about the juxtaposition of being present and intuitive versus being egoic and thinking - the inward and outward focused parts of ourselves and being aware that we have them both.  I was feeling these contrasts prior to and during painting this work and the geometric elements reflect those sides.

Although not heavily layered, the layered and “whited out” shapes are my favorite, though I love the quiet parts of any painting.  When I covered up the burnt sienna (one of my favorite colors) it surprised me by smearing and becoming richer because it wasn’t dry.  Of course, that is in stark contrast with the dense and sharp edges of black oil paint. 

I wasn’t really ready to finish this painting – I thought it had a long way to go – but when I pulled the sienna across the top of the Enso pencil mark, I suddenly knew it was complete. Of course, it was:  my intuition always knows it’s done even if my ego thinks I should keep going, and that is exactly what this painting is about!

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