Ashton Shaw Despot

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Despot - A River Runs Through it
Despot - A River Runs Through it $1,950.00
+ Close-up
Despot - The Water Keeps Rising
Despot - The Water Keeps Rising $1,300.00
+ Close-up
Despot - Willing to Fall
Despot - Willing to Fall $1,300.00
+ Close-up
Despot- Wild Wind
Despot- Wild Wind $900.00
+ Close-up

Despot- Silver Joy
Despot- Silver Joy $900.00
+ Close-up
Despot- My Oh My
Despot- My Oh My $800.00
+ Close-up
Despot - St. Helena
Despot - St. Helena $425.00
+ Close-up
Despot - Windy Sky
Despot - Windy Sky Sold - $0.00
+ Close-up

Despot - Morning Blue
Despot - Morning Blue Sold - $0.00
+ Close-up
Despot - I Got You Babe
Despot - I Got You Babe Sold - $0.00
+ Close-up
Despot - Walking Backwards
Despot - Walking Backwards Sold - $0.00
+ Close-up

About the artist

Ashton Shaw Despot is a New Orleans-based, impressionistic painter. Her landscape paintings evoke a sense of childlike discovery and underlying passion for nature. She applies acrylic paint to canvas through an array of brushes, palette knives, and sponges, working quickly as to capture the mood of a scene, rather than its exact likeness. Her fascination with light and its changing qualities is enduring. Through bold, short strokes and juxtaposition of bright hues, she accentuates the passage of time and spirit of a given landscape.


"This year has been a year of discovering new colors and trying my arm at bigger movements, bigger canvas's, and abstract figures. I am inspired by the SPIRIT of the South-- people, activity, nature, and colors. As the most recent flood waters recede, I'm reminded of south Louisiana's resilience, strength and love for each other and the community. Recently I have discovered living and painting are very much the same. In reflection I have found living and painting are very much the same."