Heritage - J'en Suis La (I'm Here) by Jazzu (40 x 40)

Heritage - J'en Suis La (I'm Here) by Jazzu (40 x 40)

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40 x 40

mixed media on canvas


Jazzu is a self-taught French artist who was born in Toulouse in 1983. His work derives from his positive and negative experiences as a Social Worker in France, during which time he became sensitive to his inner feelings that generated both anger and affection to the world around him.  Filled with energy, his art reflects his raw emotions and what has now been termed Art Brut.  He fuels his canvases with writing, pasting and collage and uses his medium to express his feelings in any way he sees fit.

Jazzu has a great following in Europe, as he is represented by galleries in Paris, Deauville, Barcelona and Toulouse.  One of our favorite quotes about him is by a gallerist in Paris who wrote:

Les toiles de Jazzu parlent comme la trompette de Miles Davis pouvait pleurer ou rire, parce qu’elles ont de l’enfant ce que Sartre appelait un monstre que les adultes fabriquent avec leurs regrets.

Roughly translated :  Jazzu’s work speaks in the same language that Miles Davis’ music could make you laugh or cry, and what Sartre called the monster that adults create with their regrets or childhood. 

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Heritage - J'en Suis La (I'm Here) by Jazzu (40 x 40)

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