Angie Renfro

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Angie Renfro - Bees 1-19
Angie Renfro - Bees 1-19 Sold - $0.00
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Angie Renfro - Horned Owl
Angie Renfro - Horned Owl Sold - $0.00
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Bees 1-20
Bees 1-20 Sold - $0.00
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Angie Renfro - Bison 7
Angie Renfro - Bison 7 Sold - $0.00
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Angie Renfro - Then As Now
Angie Renfro - Then As Now $3,075.00
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Angie Renfro - Bees 1-10
Angie Renfro - Bees 1-10 Sold - $0.00
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Angie Renfro - Bees 1-06
Angie Renfro - Bees 1-06 Sold - $2,400.00
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Angie Renfro - Anew
Angie Renfro - Anew Sold - $0.00
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Angie Renfro - Bison
Angie Renfro - Bison Sold - $0.00
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Angie Renfro - So Begins the Bloom
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Angie Renfro - Cardinal
Angie Renfro - Cardinal Sold - $0.00
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Angie Renfro - With Each Step
Angie Renfro - With Each Step Sold - $0.00
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About the artist

Angie Renfro’s evocative paintings capture the simple beauty of everyday objects and landscapes. Tempered with just the slightest hint of whimsy, Renfro takes the ordinary and portrays it as extraordinary. A lone telephone pole becomes an intriguing subject. A weed-filled field on the side of the road is transformed into a captivating landscape.

“My intent is draw attention to these overlooked things so that their quiet, unassuming beauty can be appreciated,” she says.

With her wonderful and delightfully uncomplicated treatment of color, light and texture, it’s no wonder that a transport trailer full of ripe tomatoes becomes a fascinating subject or that a blank Texas landscape punctuated by an electrical transformer is instantly absorbing. The artist paints in layers of oil paint on board and builds, mounts and stains her own frames to showcase her work.

A native Texan, Renfro attended art school in San Francisco. After receiving a BFA in 2002, she remained in the city to pursue a variety of artistic avenues. The experience she gained from working in various fields of design has had a tremendous influence on her work.