Angela Nesbit

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Angela Nesbit - Girl in Blue
Angela Nesbit - Girl in Blue Sold - $0.00
+ Close-up
Angela Nesbit - Beach Boys
Angela Nesbit - Beach Boys $795.00
+ Close-up
Angela Nesbit - Coral Roses
Angela Nesbit - Coral Roses $550.00
+ Close-up
Angela Nesbit - Gerbers
Angela Nesbit - Gerbers $550.00
+ Close-up

Angela Nesbit - Glowing Tulips
Angela Nesbit - Glowing Tulips $550.00
+ Close-up
Angela Nesbit - Golden Bow
Angela Nesbit - Golden Bow $795.00
+ Close-up
Angela Nesbit - Jeweled Roses
Angela Nesbit - Jeweled Roses $550.00
+ Close-up
Angela Nesbit - Magenta Tulips
Angela Nesbit - Magenta Tulips $550.00
+ Close-up

Angela Nesbit - Pink Punch
Angela Nesbit - Pink Punch $795.00
+ Close-up
Angela Nesbit - Sunny Sunflowers
Angela Nesbit - Sunny Sunflowers $550.00
+ Close-up
Angela Nesbit - White Roses
Angela Nesbit - White Roses $550.00
+ Close-up
Angela Nesbit - Christmas Whites
Angela Nesbit - Christmas Whites $795.00
+ Close-up

Angela Nesbit - Abstracted Tulips and Pink
Angela Nesbit - Abstracted Tulips and Pink $475.00
+ Close-up
Angela Nesbit - Peaceful Petals
Angela Nesbit - Peaceful Petals $3,000.00
+ Close-up

About the artist

Nesbit’s captivating paintings of children capture the little ones doing what they do best:  running, jumping, twirling and generally going ninety a minute.  “I love children’s natural ability to express their passion for living,” says Nesbit, a mother of two youngsters herself.  Indeed, her brush and palette knife convey the frenetic, but graceful, movements that children so effortlessly use.  Puddles are splashed through, flowers are picked, hands are held and secrets are told in her endearing portraits of children hard at play.

Nesbit begins with a strong underpainting, then uses as few strokes as possible to capture her subjects.  Her paintings are often layered with paint, which provides depth and visual interest, while lost and found edges give the compositions a soft feel.  “On my personal journey to find my unique style, I have found that the simplified subject retains the most energy and emotion,” says Nesbit.

Nesbit received a B.A. from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and studied classical drawing and painting at the Queens University and Spirit Square Center for the Arts in Charlotte, N.C. She has also studied intensively with many nationally recognized artists such as Cedric and Joanette Egeli, William Schultz, Kate Worm and Andy Braitman.