Showhouse Style

Showhouse Style

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If you're a frequent reader of this blog (thank you!), you know we love doing showhouses.  

So we were thrilled when our favorite hometown design mag, Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles approached us back in the early spring to do the master bedroom veranda and gallery hallway at the 2019 Southeastern Designer Showhouse - and didn't hesitate for one second before saying "yes, yes, yes!"  It was actually perfect timing to introduce our newly formed Huff Harrington Design, which offers a full array of interior design services.

The house, a sprawling California-cool-meets-the-South design, sits nicely on a huge lot of several acres (which will also have residences built on them) that used to belong to an old Atlanta family.  We loved the history of the property, which includes a private pond, the original old well-house and hundreds of beautiful hardwoods.  (It was designed by Logan Design Group with Y. McFadden and built by Southern Gentry Homes.   The landscaping was designed by Joe A. Gayle & Associates and Floralis Garden Design.)

We were assigned the gallery hall leading into the gorgeous master suite and the adjacent veranda where we pictured the homeowners reading the paper and drinking their coffee in the morning or maybe having a relaxing cocktail before an evening out.

Right away, our designers  (plus plenty of butting in from Ann and me!) came up with a list of three design elements we knew we wanted to incorporate:

Design goal #1: keep the gallery hallway simple, elegant - and let the art do the talking

From Huff Harrington Fine Art, we curated a grouping of paintings that ranged from abstract to representational - and that flowed beautifully into the master suite (designed by our dear design pals, Huff Dewberry).

Abstracts from Debra Stewart and our Heritage collection of vintage and contemporary French art. (photo: David Christensen)

We used this playful painting (mixed media and feathers) by French artist Daniel Gastaud - our fictitious homeowners were well-traveled and had an extensive art collection!

The gorgeous and serene master bedroom by Huff Dewberry. 

Design goal #2: Blur the lines between interior and exterior

Out on the veranda, which was clad in brick and beams, the designers decided to create a space that would feel like an interior room - except it wasn't!  That meant using furniture and accessories that you'd expect to see inside. And thanks to the wonderful advances in fabric treatment (we love you, outdoor fabrics!), we were able to do just that.  Two comfy and clean-lined sofas in white anchor the space along with an edgy little gold-toned coffee table.  Breathable, durable seagrass softens the stone floor while a fun and organic chandelier pays homage to the great outdoors. Sheer white panels frame the space from the front of the house. 


And then, because we love all things crusty, crunchy and French, we added a long thick, sturdy table (with two sassy leather, fringed ottomans underneath), a gorgeous painted mirror from Paris and a 19th century stripped oak commode that we envisioned the homeowners using as their bar. 

Design goal #3: incorporate art on the veranda

Best of all, we decided to go with our gut and hang two paintings that had us at hello:  a lively abstract from Huff Harrington artist, Andrea Costa and a glorious still-life by Melissa Payne Baker.  As art tends to do, both paintings added heart and soul to the space. (Yes: some art can be hung in a protected exterior setting. These paintings are mixed media on canvas and varnished.)

As always, it's such a treat to be in the same company as the other designers involved in the house - and there were some big names!  The design bar was raised to an exceptional high. Take a peek at some of our favorite spaces and be sure to read the entire article here.

 Phoebe Howard 

 Jonathan Savage

 Beth Webb and Tristan Harstan

Bob Brown

Best of all, we had a blast creating our space, collaborating with our design pals and seeing a spectacular house become a chic, warm and welcoming home.

Huff Harrington designers relaxing on the veranda

Ta ta!

(gorgeous photography from Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles; Emily Followill and David Christensen)















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