Huffingtons Go To New York

New York City is a favorite destination for the Huffingtons – how could it not be? We’ve lived there, studied there, taken countless subways and buses, eaten at hundreds of restaurants and each have our favorite neighborhoods and haunts. Art … Continue reading

Hangin’ in there

(photo credit to Blayne Beacham) We’ve all been crazy around here preparing for our solo with French abstractist, Pascal Bouterin (it opens to the public on Friday, March 26th, from 6-8 p.m.). If you’ve been reading our blogs you’ll know … Continue reading

How Does He Do That? Part Deux

If you read our last blog (Part Une), you now know that Pascal Bouterin is a passionate and committed artist who is dedicated to his art and creative journey…and that we’re right behind him every step of the way. Not … Continue reading

How Does He Do It?

We recently wrote a blog that was a twist on an AJC column called, “Why I love my job.” We turned it around to say, “Why we love our employees,” and wrote glowingly about our marvelous Madame, Linda Mohan. Well … Continue reading

Houston, do we have a problem?

When we decided to start a blog for Huff Harrington Fine Art, we’d be the first to admit that we really didn’t know what we were doing. Of course, we have never let that stop us from charging ahead. When … Continue reading

Hats off to our Linda!

Linda taking a little break from the hard work at the Paris flea market The Atlanta Journal Constitution used to run an article every Sunday entitled, “Why I Love My Job.” Our employees have kiddingly said, — usually in jest … Continue reading

Heaven on Earth: Le Train Bleu

Postcards from Paris… Entrance to Le Train Bleu Restaurant in the Gare de Lyon, Paris Anyone who has ever hopped on a train at the Gare de Lyon in Paris has probably been aware of Le Train Bleu, the venerable … Continue reading